• Grass plants draw upon different nutrients and other elements from the environment around them in order to thrive and ultimately survive. The three most important ones are Nitrogen (N), Phosphorous (P) and Potassium (K). In different ways these help the plant.

    Nitrogen creates good growth and helps to give the plant stronger shoots and leaves. Often the strength of the Nitrogen will impact the depth of green colour of the lawn due to increased growth.

    Phosphorous is essential to help the grass establish a strong root system

    Potassium helps with the general wear an tear of the lawn aiding it with disease resistance, drought and cold weather.

    The fertilisers will therefore have a mix of NPK usually specific to the season and with specific usage instructions. Some fertilisers add in Magnesium (Mg) or Iron (Fe) to boost the colour and growth. 

    Many fertilisers that you buy off the shelf are fast release products which release the NPK in a rapid manner giving results in a few days on some products. Whilst these are good they will need reapplying almost every 4 weeks which will dramatically increase your outlay. Our products customarily last 3 times as long, slowly releasing the nutrients over 10-12 weeks, keeping the grass well fed and nourished.

    It's a well used Lawn Care company selling point that using a professional service will be cheaper than doing it yourself.