• Re-seeding and Top-Dressing Lawns

    September is a busy month for us. So, after scarifying and aerating, we’ve been aiding grass growth and recovery via re-seeding and top-dressing.

    We use a high quality finely graded soil improver manufactured to BSI PAS100(2011) from composted organic material. Manufactured specifically for use as a lawn dressing for both domestic and sports turf applications.

    Field No.4 is screened to <4mm making it ideal for fine turf lawns
    or sports turf applications. It provides an insulating “blanket” for the soil that will protect grass species from frost and severe weather conditions. Returning valuable organic matter to the soil. As a result, it improves soil function and naturally releases balanced levels of phosphate that will help stimulate root growth. It slowly releases nitrogen as the soil warms up, helping to bring your lawn to life. This will encourage beneficial microorganisms in the soil that improve plants resistance to disease.

    Tetraploid & Creeping Rye with Creeping Red Fescue, Germin-8T treated grass seed is applied to the lawns. This has very fast establishment. It is hard wearing, but, is not a thick bladed grass. You’ll find it has fast recovery from drought and has strong, dense rooting for increased stability and tensile strength.