• September Lawn Calendar

    After a lawn baking summer we find ourselves in September. This usually signals slightly cooler weather and subsequently a slowing down of growth. Having said that there is usually enough warmth around for any over-seeding or lawn renovation that needs to be done.

    Ideally this month you’ll be looking at scarifying, aeration and over-seeding. Scarifying can help break the thatch layer and thin out the thatch to allow water and nutrients to penetrate. Hollow-tine aeration is the best sort of aeration at this time of the year.


    You’ll also need an application to boost the nutrients in your lawn with an autumn specific fertiliser. At this point apply any weed control that may still be needed.┬áIt is also a good idea to get some sort of moss control applied. This can be in the form of stand alone ferrous sulphate or in granular form. This can be as part of a fertiliser composition or again a stand alone iron granule.

    You’ll probably reduce mowing slightly from twice weekly to a weekly mow. Use your judgement on how often you need to do it though as there’s just no predicting the weather this year.

    Top dress the lawn to give an extra boost of nourishment and help level and repair the lawn.