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  • Welcome to Sharpes Lawn Care

    Our lawn care services include applying a seasonal-specific fertiliser and weed control to your lawn. We also offer scarification and aeration as well as moss control. We carry out an inspection of your lawn and then provide a course of treatments to get your lawn back to its best.

  • A Personal and Professional Service for You and Your Lawn

    We are an independent family-run Lawn Care Business based in Formby. We aim to treat each lawn as if it were our own, giving it the needed attention at the right time of the year. We provide lawn treatments such as regular and seasonal weed and feeds but also moss control and any remedial work like scarifyingaeration or lawn renovation. We are licensed in Safe Use of Pesticides (PA1) and Hand Held Applicators (PA6a).

    Using professional products gives us the edge over an off-the-shelf product which often only has a temporary benefit and requires more regular applications. You will find that using our services will be more cost-effective than doing it yourself. Our knowledge of the local area also gives us an advantage in getting the right products for you. We can also ensure that you receive a regular and reliable service that is built on trust and honesty. We hope you enjoy our services and will recommend them to your family and friends.

    Free quotations are available on request. This will identify any problems in your lawn and a series of treatment options that can be provided. We cover domestic properties in Formby. Email us to start changing your lawn to one you'll love to show off to your friends and family.

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  • Individual Lawn Treatment Services

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