• Lawn Care Programs

    Spring Treatment

    Every lawn needs a good start to the season. At this time we will assess your lawn to see how it has fared through the winter. We will apply a balanced fertiliser suited to your lawn, also we will apply a selective weed control to target such weeds as daisies, dandelions etc...

    Summer Treatment

    With the growing season now under way, the treatment is a slow release fertiliser which will gently feed your lawn for up to 8-10 weeks. This concentrates on developing a healthy thicker sward giving your lawn a much desired lush green finish. Finally we apply a selective herbicide to control any problem weeds such as Trefoil at this time.

    Autumn Treatment

    Again, a slow release fertiliser and selective weed control will be applied, this continues to keep your lawn in peak condition and will help it cope with drought conditions and summer wear and tear. Checks will also be made for lawn disease and possible pest infestation.

    Winter Treatment

    This treatment is a moss control application which helps to target any moss and helps to protect the turf from the many extremes of winter. It will also help to retains the deep colour of the lawn. We also offer this at the start of the season as a fifth treatment or post scarifying.


    We offer scarifying services for those interested. This necessary lawn procedure helps to alleviate moss and thatch from your lawn giving it a better chance to remain healthy and strong. This is best in Spring and/or Autumn.

    Hollow-Tine Aeration

    Hollow-Tine aeration removes a plug of soil from the surface of the lawn allowing water and air to reach the rootzone. This is most beneficial in Spring and Autumn. Solid-Tine aeration is best in the Summer months. Wetting Agents can also be applied.

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