• Fusarium (Snow Mould)

    Fusarium is a fungal lawn disease. It usually manifests itself as small yellow patches that evtually get bigger, turning brown in colour as it ruins your turf. In its early stages it looks like the picture to the right of the text. Treatment is varied and dependent largely on environmental factors. Fusarium appears during wet warm periods of weather particularly in the Autumn months. It grows at an optimum temperature of between 12 and 19 degrees but according to some sources can survive much lower temperatures. A professional fungicide can help to clear it up although repeat applications may be necessary. The fungicide is exceptionally expensive. Alternatives are not to clear it up but to impede it slightly. Spiking or hollow tining can help to dry out the ground thereby reducing the moisture which Fusarium thrives on and using an iron suphate moss control at the turf hardening rate can toughen the grass to help a bit too. Get in touch if you require help with this.