• Red Thread

    Red Thread has become increasingly common due to the wet and warm Autumns we've had for the past few yeas. Red Thread predominantly affects fescue and perennial Rye grass, two species of grass commonly found in most lawns. Red Thread manifests itself by the appearance of patches in the lawn which are pinky in colour. Upon careful examination you may even see little candy floss like balls on the grass tips or, as the name refers, a little thin red thread coming off the grass. Treatment varies depending on who you ask but most would agree that a professional fungicide is needed. These however are extremely expensive and may require repeat applications to clear the problem. An alternative is to strengthen the grass with a feed. Caution needs to be exercised here though as applying a high nitrogen feed in the late summer, autumn months can promote further disease such as Fusarium which is more destructive to a lawn. Call if you require any help with this lawn problems.