• Weed Control

    Perhaps one of the most common lawn problems is controlling weeds in a lawn. The solution is simply down to good lawn care and using a weed specific mixture of herbicide. Most of the off the shelf products only work on dandelions and daisies, the simple weeds, shall we say. But more often than not they are misapplied resulting in scorching of the weeds and a discoloured patchy lawn. As a regular part of our quarterly visits we offer lawn weed control to keep the troublesome weeds at bay. Our lawn weed control consists of a selective herbicide which is sprayed on the lawn and kills off the weeds. Being a selective lawn weed control it kills off only the weeds leaving your grass perfectly healthy and free from any choking weeds. A regular programme with Sharpes Lawn Care will give you the satisfaction of having a healthy, weed free lawn all year round.

  • Common Weeds

    The weeds below are commonly found in the sandy soils of Formby and the Crosby and Southport area. They all appear at varying months of the year but we have a selection of herbicides to keep them under control in your lawn. Although most weeds will appear annually such as Woodrush and Lesser Trefoil they can be managed with the appropriate chemical. Dandelions of course are easily spread by the wind and so can be treated all year round.

  • Common Weed Identification

    Take a look at this website to identify the most common weeds found in your lawn.