• Lawn Renovation

    Lawn renovation is much in demand. The summer of 2018 has been a unique year for us. We haven’t experienced a hot spell like this since 1976. 

    Many lawns suffered from the summer drought this year. It is important to help your lawn recover by renovation, introducing new seed and a fresh layer of top-dressing.

    Sharpes Lawn Care offer this lawn renovation service to you, our valued customers. So, with immediate effect lawn renovation is available throughout September and March through May.

    So what’s involved?

    Due to the heavy thatch that’s developed on the lawns due to the heat, any rain or nourishment that has been applied has simply not been able to get through to the root-zone.

    Scarification helps to remove excess thatch and allow water and nourishment to hit the soil. Coupled with aeration, this will allow better penetration into the lawn area. This is followed up with an application of a wetting agent. Then seed and 100% recycled, peat free, chemical free top dressing.

    This procedure will help to establish a good soil layer again. Fresh seed will help to bulk out the sward of the lawn. This helps in establishing a stronger basis for the lawn in the coming months and years.

    Whilst this is often viewed as a “one off” procedure it is noted that regularly applying fresh seed and top-dressing will give your lawn more of the goodness it needs. This will keep it looking at its best all year round. An added benefit is that the top-dressing will also help the lawn to retain moisture. This helps it through the more difficult summer months we usually experience here in Formby and surrounding areas.


    Renovating Your Lawn

    This procedure can be a fraction of the cost of relaying turf. Whilst not a “cheap” fix due to the cost of materials and professional application, it is well worth having. To the customers I’ve mentioned it to already most have jumped at the chance to get their lawns back up to scratch. This certainly is my recommendation for these badly affected lawns.


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    Lawn Renovation