• Chafer Grubs

    What are Chafer Grubs?

    Chafer Grubs (Phyllopertha horticola) are maggot like grubs identifiable by means of their large white bodies and brown heads. The chafer grub burrows holes through vegetation and the root system of lawns which can result in quite severe damage to your lawns.

    Can I spot Chafer Grubs?

    Much the same as Leather jackets, spotting chafer grubs is sometimes only when the damage begins to appear. At times you will also notice a large number of birds on your lawn as they've identified a meaty feast to consume. As the chafer grub eats through the roots the grass will begin to die turning yellow and brown in the worst affected patches. Quite often if the damage is quite severe you will be able to lift whole strips of turf that have had the roots munched. Chafer grubs are usually around in Autumn and Spring so look out for early warning signs.

    How can I remove Chafer Grubs?

    Once again a professional pesticide is the best course of action. If you suspect you have a problem then check for the warning signs, yellowing lawn, patches, and areas of damaged turf then give us a call. By keeping your lawn well maintained with a course of regular treatments you reduce the risk of this grub infestation.


    UPDATEI can now provide a physical solution to chafer grubs. If you are having a problem with them, please get in touch.

  • With the assistance of a badger rooting out the grubs you can see the damage caused by chafer grubs in a lawn. The grubs eat away the roots leaving the turf weakened and easily rolled back.