• Moss Control

    What causes Moss?

    Mowing your grass too short is one of the main causes of moss appearing in your lawn. Infrequent mowing also can allow moss to flourish. Compaction of the soil also provides a nice base for your moss to grow.

    How do I control Moss?

    One of the most popular and effective ways to control moss is by using a soluble iron treatment often known as iron sulphate. This product works by darkening the moss' surface thereby not allowing sunlight to get through to generate growth. This is rightly called moss "control" rather than moss killer as it doesn't actually kill the moss but controls the growth. However to a large extent moss can be kept in its place through a regular program of lawn care. Scarifying, aerating and a good program of nutrition and mowing will all help to keep the moss at bay. It is beneficial to apply a moss control before and after scarifying to ensure all the moss is treated and not just the top layer.