• Wetting Agent

    What is a Wetting Agent?

    A Wetting Agent is a substance that reduces the surface tension to allow the liquid (water) to penetrate deeper into the solid (soil).

    What are the Benefits of a Wetting Agent?

    Applying a Wetting Agent to your lawn in the Spring or Autumn certainly helps to keep your lawn looking at its best. The Wetting Agent will helps to break down the thatch barrier than can build up which prevents water from penetrating into the rootzone. Applied correctly these can take your lawn up a level and can prevent dry patch occurring in your lawn.

    Localised Dry Patch develops when waxy lipids are created from organic matter by fungal mycelium in root zones. These lipids coat soil/sand particles and effectively create a barrier to the infiltration of moisture, creating a water repellent root zone. HydroPro-2 is a long chain polymer based molecule; where one end is hydrophilic (likes water) and the other end is hydrophobic (prefers the waxy coated soil particles). When applied to a turf root zone the molecules attach themselves to the hydrophobic soil particles, the opposite end is then free to retain water and subsequently re-hydrate the soil. The benefit of using a reverse block co-polymer is that it is degraded more slowly by microbial activity than standard block copolymers and retains more of its wetting ability between applications.

    Additional Wetting Agent Information