• Lawn mower on green lawnTime for lawn mowing! Some may consider it a little early to be thinking about lawn renovation for the Spring. However, as the grass is growing it may well be a good idea to give the grass a cut.

    Mowing at the correct height for the time of year and in the right conditions is always important. The first few cuts are are even more important. Why? The grass will not be at full strength yet and there is greater potential for damage.

    By now you should have had your mower serviced. If not, this has to be the first step. Sharp blades are essential to get the best cut. It also helps avoid damaging or bruising the grass. Get it booked in for a service as soon as possible.

    Once done, ensure the mower is on the highest setting. Try mowing more slowly than perhaps you normally would and being especially careful when turning at the end of a row. This is usually where most damage occurs. When the mowing has been done make sure you give your mower a good clean and make sure it dries off.

    Now the grass has been cut it would be good to have a good check over the lawn to see if it needs any moss treatment applying.