• PhotoGrid_1456866838418All this month and next I’ll be out and about performing Hollow-Tine Aeration. This procedure helps to get air and water into the rootzone promoting good growth. It also helps to relieve compaction and reduce moss.

    It can be compared to turning over your borders. How so? Well just as your borders need turning over regularly to get life and microbes moving around the soil to help your flowers and shrubs grow so a lawn needs that movement in it to relieve the compaction that’s built up over time. By aerating the lawn regularly you can breathe new life into your lawn. When coupling this with a good feed it can change a lawn that’s struggling to one that’s thriving.

    Working around Formby, Crosby and Southport with lawn care means that the soil is very sandy. Some insist that aeration does no good but believe me it does. Formby lawn care treatments have had great success over the years with this and you’ll see it as part of the essential maintenance on all sports pitches and golf courses. The same can apply to clay soils such as around the Ormskirk or Stockport area. Hollow-Tine Aeration will really help this as well as using Solid-Tine Aeration regularly.

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