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    Get Your Lawn in Shape with Sharpes Lawn Care

    Having lived in Formby for about 5 years now (Crosby previously) I have come to appreciate just how much the community likes to support local businesses. I think this is great and I try to do my part as well whenever I can. Several times we’ve needed work doing on our flat roof, who do I call? My first instinct is to shop local. And I did and found a good roofer who I’ve since made good friends with and can happily recommend to others. The same was true of a local plasterer and several excellent gardeners. The point is when you find someone good you can’t help but recommend. I feel the same is true of lawn care. Locally I’ve built a strong reputation for honest, reliable work and coupled with my knowledge of local lawns and the right products to use I’ve successfully been recommended by other local businesses. This enables me to be able to keep and build a good customer base. The good contacts I’ve made regularly pass me work and I can give back to them too. Living in Formby and running a small, family lawn care business in the area allows me to become a familiar sight in the area, building trust and confidence in the community and to be able to concentrate on quality over quantity. So often I get a call saying that the “other” lawn care company doesn’t turn up when they should, don’t answer their phones etc… With Sharpes Lawn Care you don’t ever need to have that problem again. So next time you think of lawn care, don’t just think of the big franchise names, try and shop local, starting, hopefully, with Sharpes Lawn Care.