• Lawn Aeration

    This month is an excellent month to get to grips with aerating your lawn. Much misunderstood and very much neglected, this is one of the best procedures to carry out on your lawn. It’s been said before but I’ll say it again…gardeners the world over love to hoe the soil around plants to de-compact the soil and allow movement of air and nutrients in the ground (it also improves the appearance of the borders too may I add). When it comes to lawns though, we don’t seem to give it the same sort of attention. Ok, I’m not saying we should be aerating weekly or fortnightly necessarily unless you are a complete perfectionist, but doing so a couple of times a year will certainly make a drastic improvement to the health of your lawn.

    Hollow-Tine Aeration is perhaps the most common form of aeration on offer from most lawn care companies. Some will offer a solid-tine aeration (more for the summer months) and others may offer a slitting service (less common). The hollow-tine aeration is a great way to get air and water to the roots of your grass, to de-compact and also help to dry fungus or moss within your lawn. So if you’ve not had this carried out recently then get in touch for an appointment.

    FAQs –

    Q – I’m on sandy soil, I don’t need it do I?

    A – Yes you do. Sandy soil is just as likely to get compacted due to more readily scorching in the hotter months. Whilst it does drain quicker, it can also become prone to becoming hydrophobic. Aeration and a wetting agent can help to resolve his.

    Q – Doesn’t it just look messy with all the cores left on the lawn?

    A – Yes leaving the cores on the lawn does look messy, that’s why I remove them as standard. This also helps to reduce the risk of disease.