• After receiving many calls regarding destroyed lawns I thought I’d just update you on the situation with Leatherjackets. Since October 2015 almost all of the existing chemical pesticides have been removed from use by the HSE under the Plant Protection Products arrangement. The active ingredient of Chlorpyrifos is no longer allowed to be used thereby restricting in a major way the most effective chemical solution for both Leatherjackets and their equally destructive little friends the Chafer Grub.

    The only solution currently available is the biological use of Nematodes. Click the following link Leatherjackets for a little more information on this product.

    Sharpes Lawn Care does not use this product as I find it very temperamental and I can’t guarantee results. I along with most other lawn care providers are awaiting news on a new chemical alternative. I really hope it arrives quickly.

    For those suffering with Leatherjackets and are wanting a quick solution is simply to thoroughly soak your lawn and then leave black bags (weighted down) over the affected areas overnight and then in the morning pick the leatherjackets off the surface of the lawn or leave for the birds to devour. Although time consuming and meaning you have to get your hands dirty it will help to rid the lawn of the pests.

    As soon as a product is available I’ll add it to my services and help restore your lawns to their former glory.

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