• For the most part March is the month when most of the lawn care gets under way. Having said that, for the last few years March has been a strangely quiet month. In 2013 it remained exceptionally cold and plants etc…never really picked up until May. In 2014 it was much the same and last year 2015 I only remember having to scrape the van off once it was so mild. So I guess some of the jobs listed below will depend very much on what the weather is doing this year.

    Summary of Jobs

    As the warmer weather starts to kick in you will notice growth in your lawn. Resist the temptation to get out there and give it a good mow on the usual mower setting you’ve always used. At this time of the year it’s important to get some strength into the lawn so mowing on a high setting will allow the sun to hit the blade thereby helping the grass to grow. It’s also important to make sure that your blade is sharp, so it may be beneficial if you haven’t done so already to have a good service on your mower and get those blades super sharp. Having sharp blades will greatly increase the effectiveness of the cut and will avoid bruising the blade. Depending on the weather it may well be good to apply the first weed and feed of the year although April is a slightly better time as the weather will have warmed up and the weed killer will be more effective. It is also good to apply a moss control at this stage as you may want to get some scarifying done this month or early into April. It’s good to apply moss killer before scarifying¬†as it definitely helps. I’d also recommend applying it after the work have been done to get any remaining spores that have been disturbed. I would also definitely recommend aerating your lawn at this time of the year. This will help to relieve some of the winter compaction and breathe life into the lawn thereby helping it to more readily absorb the nutrients. If you require re-turfing then this is a good time to get this done. You will generally have to wait until April if you want to re-seed or overseed your lawn. There may be a little fungal activity if the weather remains wet and warm so look out for fungus’ such as Fusarium at this time of the year too.

    List of Jobs

    • Make sure Mower has been Serviced
    • Mow on a High Setting
    • Scarify your lawn
    • Aerate your lawn
    • Apply a Moss Control
    • Weed and Feed (weather dependent)
    • Re-turfing work (if needed)
    • Check for Fungus’ (Fusarium)