• Ten Top Tips For a Greener Lawn

    1. You need a plan of action and stick to it. Create a lawn calendar to help.
    2. Make a record of how your lawn reacts at different times of the year and plan accordingly.
    3. Spring renovation. Scarify and Aerate your lawn.
    4. Make sure you supplement your hard work with a sensible weed and feed and remember to water.
    5. Assess your mowing technique. Don’t always mow the same way. Try alternating your stripes and make sure your blades are sharp.
    6. When applying a moss control its good to do this in conjunction with scarifying both before and perhaps more importantly after so as to get all the spores.
    7. Watch the weather. Wet, warm conditions will mean fungus will thrive. Drought conditions mean the grass will suffer.
    8. Water the grass early in the day rather than late afternoon.
    9. Aerate your lawn as often as you can especially in the Spring and Autumn. Use a shallow solid tine in the Summer months to help reduce lawns becoming hydrophobic.
    10. Think about Wetting Agents in the Spring and Autumn months.

    For all of the above Sharpes Lawn Care can help you achieve a better looking lawn.