• Lawn mower on green lawnWith the weather having been so mild and the rain being so persistent you have no doubt found that your grass is still growing. To cut wet grass is difficult at the best of times but leaving it until Spring when it starts to grow again may prove even harder.

    It’s really up to you what you do but here are a few helpful tips to set you on your way….

    Raise the mower on the highest setting

    Some of the benefits are:

    • Longer grass grows a little more slowly
    • Grass will use less energy growing and instead use it for roots and health
    • The slightly longer leaf will help with photosynthesis in the cloudy conditions we’re experiencing thereby improving health and disease resistance
    • The leaf will be drier higher up
    • The density of grass will mean fewer weeds and less moss because of the grass density

    How to succeed in mowing wet grass

    • Try and dew the lawn. Us8ng a length of hose or a dewing brush before mowing. Grab a length of hose and drag it across the lawn to force any water down into the soil
    • Try to mow in the afternoon or evening preferably on a dry day which gives the grass a chance to dry
    • If it’s windy then that is even better
    • Clean your mower of any dry grass in the undercarriage
    • Make sure the blades are sharp
    • Use a rotary mower preferably

    Could your lawn be drowning?

    Clay based lawns especially will show alarmingly signs of thinning. This I because the roots are drowning. So, whats the best course of action?

    If it happens every year then think about land drains but if its a one off then just leave it until Spring. Scarifying and aerating coupled with a feed and overswedding in the Spring will then aid recovery.