• Having spent the winter months working at the excellent Southport & Ainsdale Golf Club I’ve been able to add a few strings to my bow. Understanding turf and being able to manage it well is essential in the running of a successful golf course and Tony and his lads have done a cracking job here. The mild winter months have given us an opportunity to get large areas of the course re-turfed. This will greatly enhance the appearance of the course and in removing some of the old style astro-turf tracks will certainly add to the visual appeal of this superb links course.IMG_20151208_160210 PhotoGrid_1449590411681

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    We even occasionally get treated to an extra bit of natural beauty with the appearance of a rainbow which brightens our day.



    I’ve also learned skills like how to build bunkers (not that I get many requests for bunkers in customers lawns). Learning some of the greenkeeper skills has added to my skills list and knowledge which I can pass on to my customers.

    A big thanks to Tony and the team. All the best for 2016.